Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm sitting in the Cairo airport in Egypt for a five hour layover and it's already a culture shock.  Tons of dutyfree shops line the walkways and I'm actually sittingj next to a Burger King awaiting my gate information which should be available over the next couple hours.  On one side of the main square there are African people dressed in their traditional bright clothing, on the other there are two egyptian children pushing each other in a cart (which brings me back to my childhood), and on the other there is a mixture of Muslim women covered from head to toe and business men enjoying their lunch.  Throught the airport you see the occaisional caucasian tourist either ariving here as their final destination or passing their time until their connecting flight.  Things are the same in America in regards to purchasing something in order to sit as I was just interrupted while writing this.  Apparantly I'm sitting in the haagen-daze section of the food court and was forced to buy the most expensive drink I've ever paid for, about 8 dollars, but it was surprisingly amazing!
I'm beginning to realize that nothing could have prepared me perfectly for this trip which is where the idea of faith has become such a huge factor.  As the clock continues to tic down to my boarding time, I'm feeling at ease with how everything's played out.  After spending two weeks as a tourist in Italy i'm ready to get my hands dirty and invest my time into something that matters.  I can't wait to meet everyone!  While there is still a sense of nervousness in my system (much like an actor about to take the stage opening night), I'm ready for this show to start.  From my time fundraising until this moment, I'm beginning to realize how much "bigger than me" this trip is.  Thank you all who are supporting me by praying and financing this experience.  There is absolutely no way I could have done it without you.  Just knowing that you have all invested in this is a huge encouragement and I look forward to bringing you all along for the journey!

In Him,


Ps sorry if the post is messed up, the site is all Egyptian and apparantly they write from left to right...